The digital revolution is here and can compared to the industrial revolution that occurred many years before it. Technology has changed how we do business and relate to each other. Computers have now become a more useful tool in everyday life. We here at High Value Web realize that the digital revolution is inevitable and we want to assist our customers as they move toward this new technology. We believe that specialized talents such as ours should not come at a great cost to our customers. Instead of having a few overpriced unhappy customers, we want millions of value minded customers who are very happy and want to build long lasting relationships with us.

Tony Williams

Establish or enhance your presence on the world wide web. Impress your new and existing clients with a well designed and visually stunning web site. Use the ability of the web to stay in touch with your customers. High Value Web wants to build your site and a relationship with you.
Attention churches, volunteer and non-profit organizations. Have your site designed and built here at High Value Web and we will include 6 months of web hosting with your site! We will also register your site with its own unique web address at no additional cost to you!
Are you getting married or hosting a special event or party? Why not create a special site for the occasion! We will create a well designed site to keep all your guests or attendees informed of updates and related events. High Value Web will also include an online form at no extra charge.
Every Site Includes:
  • 5 professionally designed pages
  • 1 GIF animation if desired
  • 1 HTML form if desired
  • Basic logo creation (complex logo design available by special order and cost additional)
  • We accept digital photos and art
  • We also accept regular photos and art for scanning (must enclose self-addressed stamped envelope for photo returns)
  • Each site is custom designed to your specifications
Our Hosting Options Start At $9.95/month!
  • We create/modify and upload all your files
  • We register your domain name
  • We maintain and backup all your web files
  • You can request changes to your site 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Please check our services page for a complete listing of our hosting plans